Stax Bill

Simplify billing with Stax Bill (formerly Fusebill) and Wicket

Stax Bill is a cloud-based software platform that helps simplify subscription billing management by automating many manual processes. Their complete flexibility will mean you can set up billing rules tailored to your organization and then let Stax Bill’s powerful automation work its magic. 

With Wicket and Stax Bill, your members will always be offered the right invoice automatically. You’ll also be able to easily compare payment data to your member touchpoint data to understand the impact services and products have on your overall member engagement. 

Automate your membership payments

Stax Bill and Wicket work together to make membership payments easy for you to manage. The membership tier set in Wicket when members purchase or renew their membership is connected to Stax Bill so that the right price is generated automatically on their invoice and their payment is recorded in Wicket. The recurring schedule of their membership is also automatically created. Stax Bill integrates with payment gateways to process credit card transactions so your members will be able to easily and securely make credit card payments. 

You can automatically do advanced tax calculations with Wicket and Stax Bill. Wicket can communicate state/province and country to apply the correct tax rate to invoices. Stax Bill even offers advanced taxation based on geolocation. 

Revenue recognition and deferred revenue are made easy with Stax Bill. You can set rules for revenue recognition and start recognizing revenue the moment members are charged or let Stax Bill accrue revenue over the membership duration.

Get hands-free invoicing

With Stax Bill you can also automate all of your payment communications. Customize the messaging of invoices and other payment notifications (credit card expiries, failed payments, overdue payments, etc.) and Stax Bill will automatically send these to your members when the time comes. Never manually send a reminder again.

Securely enable recurring billing

Recurring billing is critical for member-based organizations looking to simplify renewals. You can set up a recurring schedule, specifying how and when invoices will be generated and rely on the automatically generated invoice Stax Bill will create. Stax Bill offers ultimate flexibility; your recurring payments can happen at any cadence that works for your organization. 

Stax Bill also stores the credit card information for members who opt-in. This makes auto-renewals and setting up subscription-based billing a breeze. Because Stax Bill is a  PCI Level 1 compliant system, you can be assured that your members’ payment information is completely secure.

Handle refunds, credits, and discounts, faster 

Use Stax Bill to process refunds and credits to your members. Looking to create a discount for all or a certain tier of members? With Stax Bill you can create discounts in seconds. When Wicket is on the scene, you can easily offer discounts based on member type and always offer the right prices to the right members.

Support offline payments, seamlessly

Stax Bill will also support offline payments. Your members can pay their invoices by cheque or EFT/ACH. Their payment will be recorded along with the rest of your member payments.

Get more from financial reporting

Stax Bill offers extensive financial reporting. You can easily see how different services and products are performing, understand the full lifecycle of a member and breakdown your billing activities and payments by countless segments. You’ll even be able to see a predictive view of future collections. Paired with Wicket, you can easily segment and compare member purchases to member engagement across your touchpoints.

When you add Stax Bill to Wicket, you’ll get it all. 

  • Securely store member credit card information for automatic renewals and subscription-based memberships
  • Automate invoicing based on member tier, location, and type (individual or organization)
  • Handle refunds, credits, and discounts easily with the ability to offer special discounts to certain member tiers
  • Compare purchases to all other touchpoints in one place: Wicket

Stax Bill and Wicket in Action 

Members purchase a membership through onboarding or renewal, and Stax Bill automatically supplies the correct price and tax on the member’s invoice based on their membership tier and location.

The recurring schedule of their membership is recorded and credit card information is stored so that auto-renewals can be set up if desired.

When members make payments, it’s automatically recorded in Wicket. If members miss a payment or if anything goes wrong with their payment, Stax Bill will automatically notify them.

Dig into the data! Stax Bill provides extensive financial reporting, and because you’re using Stax Bill and Wicket together, you’ll be able to identify the impact that purchased services and products easily have on member engagement.

Seeing is believing

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