What can Wicket do for your organization?

Get Your Data Into the Cloud

Whether your contacts are people or organizations, Wicket’s cloud-hosted environment takes care of your core contact data. Subscribers, stakeholders, constituents, or customers; access them from anywhere. Finally, you can retire that server in your closet.

Seamless integrations

Your IT strategy should focus on flexibility. Wicket gives you that flexibility with an integration-first approach. Empower your staff to use the best software for their needs while seamlessly integrating with your core contact data stored in Wicket.

Membership and Subscriptions

Convert people and organizations to members or subscribers with Wicket’s powerful e-commerce engine. Wicket supports traditional membership models and flexible subscriptions so you can discover which pricing model works best for your audience.

No More Upgrades

Wicket is Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS), which means it’s delivered to your organization via the Internet. Connect from any online device and be confident that you are always running the latest version. Never go through another painful upgrade again. 

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The power of integrations.

Digital technology is advancing constantly; make sure your organization has the flexibility to take advantage of it.

Don't force your staff to use a lackluster "module" in your bloated CRM system. Empower them with the freedom to use best-in-class software that integrates with your Wicket data.

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What People are Saying

  • Here at CPA, we’ve lived through the five stages of grief with AMS solutions: they over-promise, and under-deliver. Wicket is a refreshing approach to technology for associations, and we’re proud and excited to be involved as they pioneer a modern solution for associations.

    Jason Blow, Direct of Member Services
    Canadian Physiotherapy Association

  • We’re very excited to be involved with Wicket. Having worked for years with traditional Association Management Software, we’re excited to see a company take a more modern approach to technology that will benefit so many associations.

    Joanne Charlebois, CEO
    Speech-Language & Audiology Canada

  • Wicket delivers on the promise of a better way to store your membership data with their API-first approach. I’d highly recommend Wicket to any organization that is looking to modernize their IT systems.

    Sabina Hikel, Manager, Policy & Communications
    Association of Ontario Midwives