Wicket is a simple, yet powerful, cloud database specifically designed to integrate with the world's best software applications.

Imagine a platform that can store your core contact data, has a powerful e-commerce engine to transform those contacts into members and subscribers, and is built to integrate with any third-party application. No more walls around your data.

You get to choose the software applications that are most effective for each department in your organization.

Wicket makes this dream a reality. No longer do non-profits and associations need to put their data into bloated, over-priced, locked down proprietary AMS and CRM systems. With Wicket, take back your data, and provide your members and staff with the best possible user experience across your entire digital footprint.

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Our goals

  • Free your data.
  • Provide connectedness.
  • Improve the user experience.
  • Vendor agnostic.
  • Open source.

Our goals

We want to provide organizations with an alternative to the traditional member database software that exist in the world today.

How it works

It's built under a model known as "API-first," meaning that your data can be accessed by, and integrate with, other applications with ease.


At its foundation, Wicket is open source. It builds upon a powerful set of open source tools that are considered the best at what they do.


Wicket is being built - first and foremost - as a platform that supports integration. It integrates with some of the best software in the world.

Contact us

Wicket is being developed by Industrial - a 17-year veteran of the web and mobile technology space. We combine user experience design with modern technology to produce cost effective solutions for clients in the non-profit, association, and private sectors.

We’re located in the heart of beautiful Westboro Village in Ottawa, Canada.

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