Use best-in-class tools. 

Ditch the modules. Best-in-class software will help you achieve so much more than an AMS module ever could. With Wicket’s SSO and Touchpoints features, your member’s experience and their data will be coherent. Go ahead, use the tools you love. 

All integrations track as Touchpoints.

You’ll be able to see what’s engaging members, across all touchpoints. Specific data points from each integration will be tracked with Wicket’s Touchpoints, giving you a unified view of your member’s journey.  

  • Member logins from WordPress

  • Send and Open rates from Mailchimp

  • Forum posts, replies, and likes from Higher Logic

  • Event registrations and attendance from Eventbrite

  • Posts and replies from Discourse

  • Sales through Shopify

  • Course registration and course completion from

We’re building new integrations every day. 

Is there a tool that you just can’t live without but you don’t see it here? There’s a good chance we’re already working on it. Contact us to chat about your suite of tools and how it could work with Wicket. 

If your team has custom tools, you can use Wicket’s API to integrate into your customized suite.

Seeing is believing

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