Get more from your events and conferences with Wicket’s Pheedloop integration. 

Pheedloop makes organizing conferences and events easy. Ticketing, registration, marketing (websites and apps), and event management will be a breeze with Pheedloop. When you pair Pheedloop with Wicket, you’ll make running your event even easier. As a single source of truth, Wicket ensures your member data is up to date and enhances your ability to understand the impact your events have on member engagement.

Simplify event registration with SSO 

When you integrate Pheedloop into your Wicket account, your members can use single sign-on to register for events. They’ll use the same username and password for all of your digital products and services. This takes any friction out of event registration. All personal and contact info needed for event sign-up is already entered for your members; all they have to do is sign-in once.

Keep member data up-to-date

Keep all your member lists up-to-date, automatically. When your member updates their profile information in Pheedloop, the update will sync with Wicket. As your single source of truth, that member data will update in the rest of your integrated applications as well. You’ll only ever maintain one list!

Give the right members the right price

When you identify the member type in Wicket, that syncs with the rest of your applications as well. This means that when members register for events, they’ll be shown the right price for their member tier. If you offer a student, member vs non-member or other discounts for events, you’ll be amazed by how simplified the process is.

Understand how engaged event attendees are 

With Pheedloop, you’ll know who’s attending your events, but with Wicket, you can take that data 10 steps further. It’s critical to understand the impact events have on overall member engagement to identify how successful your events are. With Wicket’s Touchpoints feature, you can segment event attendees and compare it to all the rest of your engagement data. This comparison will give you the clearest picture of what’s impacting your member loyalty and retention.

When you add Pheedloop to Wicket, you’ll get it all. 

  • SSO ensures easier event registration
  • When members update their profile in Pheedloop, their data is updated in Wicket and throughout the rest of your digital channels (and vice versa)
  • Automatically offer members the right event price in Pheedloop based on their member type
  • Compare event data to all other touchpoints in one place: Wicket

Pheedloop and Wicket in Action

Add all members to Wicket, assigning them a member type/category.

Members easily login using single-sign-on, making event registration a breeze – all their contact details are already entered for them!

Members update their contact information in Pheedloop and, automatically, it syncs to Wicket, ensuring you have the latest data available for all of your applications.

After members attend events, segment your members in Wicket to understand the impact event attendance has on member engagement with other touchpoints.

Seeing is believing

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