Enable learning with Litmos

Accelerate your learning programs with SAP Litmos, a leading Learning Management System (LMS). With Wicket, course registration and tracking completion rates are simplified.

SAP Litmos enables thousands of global companies to deliver training in the now. The solution is comprised of a powerful LMS, a commerce platform, and a content-rich course catalog that makes it easy to manage the entire learning program from system implementation and integration to ongoing administration.

SAP Litmos empowers associations to align training with your association’s strategic goals, while developing highly up-skilled members who are more engaged, satisfied, and equipped with the knowledge they need to succeed. SAP Litmos can automate communications and simplifies use for both your members and your association’s professional development/education team.  Business intelligence is built right into SAP Litmos to provide your team with quick view and deep understanding of how your members are using your e-learning services.  

SAP Litmos goes beyond expectations, deploying within minutes rather than months. Litmos makes it easy, and put customer success at the forefront of their business with the 24/7 support and services.

Wicket’s integration with Litmos empowers associations to deliver an integrated learning experience as part of their member engagement strategy.

Integrated Learning Management

Wicket’s integration with SAP Litmos enables your association to:

  • Synchronize your member data with SAP Litmos and all other integrated tools to ensure all data is up-to-date in real-time
  • Leverage Litmos’ pre-built integration with Shopify – one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms – to facilitate the purchase of learning courses by your members or trainees
  • Deliver an integrated learning experience by automatically logging your users into Litmos directly from your website through Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Gain a deeper understanding of which courses your members are taking to understand engagement patterns when combined with other member touchpoints
  • See course registration and course completion events as touchpoints in Wicket

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